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Colección de alfombras.

Decontextualization of objects is a very usual practice among artists, but not very stablished among designers, for who every design seems to be related to just one use.

The Context collection is the result of a reflection on the limits of the space and the use of those pieces. A reflection that reaches his highest point with the join of elements that are apparently destined to different uses, but that in this case merge in a final result that creates a wonderful poem of textures, colors and perspectives very different to the usual ones.

Volumes that emerge from the walls to dismantle our 3 dimensions’ perception. Shapes that flow like water, sowing color and warmth in its path. From a bed that turns into a carpet, or a carpet that turns into a shelf, the delicate mix between bamboo and silk with solid wood, adds a level of quality and warmth.
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