We are craftsmen with a highly
specialized service to adapt

ourself to any project


Our philosophy is to offer a highly specialized service. We make a difference. We adapt to the needs and tastes of our clients because each project is different. Our carpets dress rooms and common areas of hotel chains such as Marriot, Hilton, Hyatt, Mercer… We have the certificates required by professionals. We also offer a door-to-door logistics service.

Value added

Renowned international designers give added value to our rugs, who bring their most cosmopolitan vision, with a more current aesthetic, without forgetting the warmth and comfort, essential in our brand.

Custom rugs for projects

Because each project is unique and deserves special attention, we have strengthened our CARPETS A LA CARTE service, offering the possibility of making personalized rugs tailored to each client, either for individual projects or for contract. Customization down to the last detail according to your needs and tastes. And with a very short delivery time.

Logistics and distribution worldwide

Our door-to-door logistics service,allows our clients to optimize their time and focus on their work. We are aware that our commitment does not end until the carpet reaches its recipient.

Our team how and where

We have a work team with more than 30 years of experience that has carried out major projects, bringing our firm closer together and providing solutions and better service to our clients.

Our staff at origin directly exercises a close quality control.

Ethical commitment: RUGMARK, which guarantees the non-use of child labor in the production of our rugs.

Manufacturing system

Certified materials

We work in Joint Venture with our own looms up to 20m wide. We use different production systems and diverse materials such as wool, silk, bamboo, linen, etc. depending on the needs of our clients.
Centexbel (Belgian Institute of Technology) and SGS certify the quality of our materials and technical requirements demanded by professionals. We use Scothguard, which helps repel and clean stains. And the NOW Carpets guarantee.

Some Systems

Hand Knotted

Manual weaving technique on a vertical loom that is carried out using knots made by hand.
The greater the number of knots, the greater the definition of the designs. This system allows creativity in detail and greater durability.

Hand Tufted

This manual technique is carried out using a craft tool that inserts woolen threads on a sketch in stretched cotton or jute fabric, allowing you to create definitions and achieve different pile heights.

Hand Loom Knotted

It is a manually operated loom where the warp and weft threads are intertwined, allowing different finishes and textures made with different materials.

Woven / Kilim

System of crossed threads without knots on a flat surface and popularly known as kilim. Some of our outdoor rugs have been made in this system in recycled polyester.