We are custom carpets

We are specialized in to customize any design. We adapt ourself to any project need, proposing solution with different materials and finishes to achieve any project requirements with maximum quality and detail.

Custom options

01 Choose our designs

We have an extense catalog of beautiful deigns. Chose one and customize it with your favourite colors and the size you need.

02 Send us your own design

If you have your own design for your project, send it to us and we will help you to devellop it.

03 We design an exclusive rug for you

If you have something in mind but you don't know how reproduce it, let us know. We have a design team that will show you the best solution.

We offer hundreds of colors for any rug design

Download the digital color pallet to find the one that fits you better in your project.

Production systems


Manual weaving technique on a vertical loom that is carried out using knots made by hand.
The greater the number of knots, the greater the definition of the designs. This system allows for creativity in detail and greater durability.


This manual technique is carried out using a craft tool that inserts woolen threads on a sketch in stretched cotton or jute fabric, allowing you to create definitions and achieve different pile heights.

Hand-loom knotted

It is a manually operated loom where the warp and weft threads are intertwined, allowing different finishes and textures made with different materials.

Woven / Kilim

System of crossed threads without knots on a flat surface and popularly known as kilim. Some of our outdoor rugs have been made in this system in recycled polyester.



Bamboo silk

Recycled polyester


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