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Michael Banks

BANKS_PortraitMichael Banks ( born London 1960 ) studied an MA in Fine Art at the Accademia de Belles Artes in Florence, and through that experience, discovered the possibility of creating Abstract Art, using a camera. After a 3 year Masters’ course , he spent the next 15 years dedicated to high-level Design and Advertising photography in London, shooting in a very specific abstract style, with an highly developed artistic sensibility, that distinguished him from the other photographers of the time. He was commissioned by numerous “blue chip” companies, who wished to avail themselves of his unique, avant-garde style.

He began working exclusively in the Art arena, as a Photographic-Artist, some 8 years ago, and since then has exhibited in various prestigious art galleries in London. He moved to Spain 5 years ago. In 2010 he will exhibit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and at the Fondacion Vilacasas in Barcelona.

His art can be described as “ contemporary, abstract, photographic-art”, a description which sets him apart from all other photographic practitioners.

As he himself has said,

“Photography does not need to reflect the “seen” world, but instead it should be Abstract. We have other technologies available now to capture the real world”.

“ In my work, I’m attempting to bring my interior world out into the open, and to create images, worlds and sensations that do not have to be connected with an objective, physical reality”.

“ The magic of the invisible, made present in the real world. A purely visual pleasure, an optical delight. The liberation of photography from its burden of representation.”

The photographic-art of Michael Banks is highly based in the essential elements of form, colour and composition.

Some work is digitally manipulated, while the rest is pure photography, shot in the moment. Many of his final artworks can appear like paintings, and blur the photography / painting descriptive. But all his work ultimately originates from a camera. However he sees himself as more of “an artist who makes art using a camera”, rather than as a “photographer”.

Apart from being seen in the context of an art gallery, his artwork is also visible in the interior design schemes of luxury, international hotels, and in the collections of several well-respected private collectors.

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