Michael Banks


He began working as a graphic designer, and in 1981 he completed an M.A. de Bellas Artes in Florence, where he discovers the possibility of creating abstract art through the camera. After three years in Florence, he spent 10 years in advertising photography in London. He began his exclusively artistic career 8 years ago, during this time he has exhibited his work in famous art galleries in London. The work of Michael Banks can be described as abstract contemporary photographic art. Michael Banks is basically interested in shapes, color and composition. He sometimes he manipulates the photographs of him, other times the images of him are what results from firing his machine in a certain way. For 4 years all his photographs have been taken with a digital camera, he makes limited editions of 5 pieces providing a certificate. Several companies have requested their images to stamp: tableware, tablecloths, bedding, chairs, etc … Currently, in addition to the pieces that different collectors own, you can find part of the work of Michael Banks as pieces of art in some hotels in category.


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