Collections Inicio Manufacturing System Hand-knotted Composition 80% wool + 20% Bamboo silk Customizable Download brochure Jose Albors Madrid 1972. In his childhood he moved to Valencia, which lies in the Mediterranean Sea, were (and it was there where) his passion for the sea arose. His Japanese origins give rise to the roots of his minimalistic […]


Collections Inicio Like a musical score, an abstract composition open to interpretation. It contains a chaotic order that provides harmony to a space. By dividing the surface, using a harmonic scale, we create a rhythm of regular and irregular patterns. Manufacturing System Hand-knotted 100L Composition 80% wool + 20% Bamboo silk Customizable Download brochure Moneo […]

The Sea and the Sand

Collections Inicio Inspired by the designer’s roots. This collection of 3 rugs represents the different shades of blue of the sea, its enigmatic geometries, its golden sand and its radiant sun come to life in this collection of rugs. Manufacturing system Hand-knotted Materials 100% New Zeland wool Customizable Download brohure Rafael Alvarez New York – […]


Collections Inicio Color is the protagonist. A revival of the Italian Radical period that make you feel chill and warm. The use of colors, the geometries and the pop influence made rug.  Manufacturing System Hand-knotted Composition 100% wool Customizable Download brochure Modo Archittetura MODO architettura + design is an established architectural and interior design studio […]

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