Jose Albors
100% Wool
5’6’’x7’9’’ / 6’6’’x9’8’’/ 8’x10’
Hand-Knotted 100L
Jose Albors

Madrid 1972. When he was very young he moved to Valencia, where his passion for the sea was born. His Japanese origins become the roots of his minimalist and synthetic style, through an elegant and clean design, which combines with the Spanish side of him, which makes him a dynamic person with the ability to improvise.

A tireless and restless traveler, he lives part of his adolescence in the United States, where he discovers his vocation for design, thanks to David Carson, and becomes a true fetishist, fascinated by images as a means of expression and communication. In his multifaceted desire, he broadens his artistic disciplines, developing in different fields such as photography or dance, to which he dedicates himself professionally during some years of his life.

Their products have been exhibited in NYC, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Berlin, Paris or Valencia, published in magazines such as Wallpaper (UK), Surface (USA), Interior Design (USA), AD (France and Russia ), ICON (United Kingdom), DDn (Italy), El País (Spain), and their rugs were chosen to dress projects in places like Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Berlin, France, Moscow or Budapest.

He declares himself a privileged person for having been trained in graphic design, by the hand of Kike Correcher (ADCV) and in the composition of the space thanks to numerous collaborations with architects, interior designers and product designers …