Talking with Modo architettura

We have talked with Sondra Pantani e Pietro Marsili from Modo architettura, the Italian architects that have designed the new NOW Carpets collection RADICAL. A three rugs collection with 2 hand-knotted designs and RADICAL 03 produced in hand-tufted.

The studio deals with all aspects of Architecture and Interior Design, covering each and every aspect of the project: from concept to completion. And they will tell us the experience designing and collaborating with NOW Carpets.

How RADICAL was born?

We are deeply in love of the Italian Radical design period.
It has been a really strong movement for those years, and today we still feel the consequences: the use of colors, the geometries and the pop influence. Every time we see something from the Radical period we feel chills that go on through our spine, and this collection of rugs is our proud tribute to it.

How would you describe the RADICAL collection?

We have always loved carpets, they furnish, decorate and define spaces.
We liked the idea of creating a collection of contemporary rugs using ancient processes, in fact the radical collection is all hand-knotted and tufted, just like in antiquity. Color is the protagonist: ton sur ton shades, contrasting chromatic games and geometries characterize the large surfaces as real works of art. We like to think that the use of color and geometries goes beyond decoration, becoming expression and story, like in the radical period.

Has NOW Carpets been able to interpret this new 3 designs of rugs?

Yes! NOW Carpets has put all its experience and professionalism at service of our ideas. The whole creative process has enriched us a lot. The color choices was quite long and not so simple, but in the end we are very satisfied with the final result!

How has it been working with NOW Carpets?

It was a very nice experience! This is our first collection of carpets, and we could not ask for better to start this journey together with a brand as competent as now carpets, we have learned a lot, and in our work knowledge is never enough!

Thank you Modo architettura. For Now Carpets it has been a great experience too, and we are glad to launch this fabulous collection. RADICAL will be shown at BDNY 2022 in New York, where NOW Carpets will go with different In and Outdoor collections that we are sure you will love for any project.

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