Jose Albors


Madrid 1972. In his childhood he moved to Valencia, which lies in the Mediterranean Sea, were (and it was there where) his passion for the sea arose. His Japanese origins give rise to the roots of his minimalistic and synthetic style, evident through a clean and elegant design. The latter combines with his Spanish life experience, turning him into a dynamic person with the ability to improvise. As a tireless and restless traveler, he lives part of his adolescence in United States, where he discovers his vocation for Design, thanks to David Carson, and becomes a true fetishist, fascinated by the images as a means of expression and communication. In his multifaceted eagerness, he expands his artistic disciplines, developing his skills in different fields such as photography or dancing, in fact, he works as a professional dancer for a few years. His products have been exhibited in NYC, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Berlin, Paris or Valencia, published in design magazines like Wallpaper (UK), Surface (US), Interior Design (US), AD (France and Russia), ICON (UK), DDn (Italy), El País (Spain), and his rugs were chosen to dress projects in places like Los Angeles, NYC, Dallas, Berlin, France, Moscow or Budapest. He considers himself a privileged pupil, because he was guided in his learning process of graphic design by Kike Correcher (ADCV), and he also feels privileged in “composition in space”, thanks to numerous collaborations with architects, interior and product designers. His interest in international design and its practical application, lead him to work as an Export Manager at a prestigious furniture company called Viccarbe, where he gets to know the International market and acquires commercial training at the same time. This experience allows him to absorb global design trends worldwide. Additionally, he is responsible for the communication of the same company, which is awarded the Prince Felipe Prize to the Enterprise Excellence in the Design modality. After the above mentioned stage, at the present time, he has decided to become professionally independent as a graphic designer, product designer and art director, dealing with (working with/ in collaboration with) contemporary furniture & accessories companies together with architects and interior designers of high international standing such as: NOW Carpets, Viccarbe, Francesc Rife, Gandia Blasco, among others.


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