Andreas Charalambous

Designers Inicio Andreas Charalambous Andreas was born in London, UK of Greek/Cypriot parents, and spent his childhood and adolescence on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. His early watercolors explored his surroundings on the island. He received a degree in Architecture from Cornell, where he also studied art and photography. His formal training in architecture brought […]

Modo Architettura

Designers Inicio Modo architettura MODO architettura + design is an established architectural and interior design studio based in Livorno and Milano, created through a collaboration between Sondra Pantani and Pietro Marsili, both graduates in Architecture at the University of Florence. The Studio deals with all aspects of Architecture and Interior Design, covering each and every […]

Nonna Design

Designers Home Nonna Design Es un estudio de interiorismo que nace en 2010, con una gran experiencia en el mundo del mueble de diseño. Poco a poco crecimos dando valor al trabajo bien hecho y evolucionando en la versatilidad y calidad de nuestros proyectos y creando nuestro propio estilo. Formamos un equipo versátil de ingenieros, […]

Yumi Endo

Designers Inicio Yumi Endo Yumi Endo is a Japanese, New York-based designer with a passion for art, design and technology. She was born in Niigata, Japan, to a father who was a telecommunication engineer, and a mother who was a kindergarten principle. She often wishes she could have met her great grandfather, who was a […]

Inma Bermúdez

Designers Home Inma Bermudez Studio Inma Bermúdez is based in Valencia, Spain. Founded in 2007 by industrial designer Inma Bermúdez, in 2009 Moritz Krefter joined the studio. Our work is focused mainly on furniture, lighting and accessories but we are always happy and curious to be immersed in new fields. We develop products for different […]

Michael Banks

Designers Inicio Michael Banks He began working as a graphic designer, and in 1981 he completed an M.A. de Bellas Artes in Florence, where he discovers the possibility of creating abstract art through the camera. After three years in Florence, he spent 10 years in advertising photography in London. He began his exclusively artistic career […]

José Albors

Designers Inicio Jose Albors Madrid 1972. In his childhood he moved to Valencia, which lies in the Mediterranean Sea, were (and it was there where) his passion for the sea arose. His Japanese origins give rise to the roots of his minimalistic and synthetic style, evident through a clean and elegant design. The latter combines […]

Claudio Colucci

Designers Inicio Claudio Colucci Born in 1965 in Locarno to an Austrian mother and an Italian father, he has made mixing and movement characteristics of his work. ‘Travel, the interaction of movement has made me a partner of the in-between, an author of transition from one thing to another, from one world to another’, he […]

Moneo Brock

Designers Inicio Moneo Brock Graduate in Architecture in Spain, Belén Moneo obtained a Bachelor of Arts cum laude from Harvard University in 1988 and her Masters in Architecture in 1991 from Columbia University GSAPP. She has been a practicing architect since 1993, when, together with Jeff Brock, she founded Moneo Brock Studio (MBS) in New […]

Anna Muravina

Designers Inicio Anna Muravina As a professional designer I started working in 1998. My design -bureau ” Anna Muravina Studio” focuses on creating private and public interiors in Russia, Europe, USA. Starting 2001 and within 5 following years I participated in a “Russian Mezonin Decor Week”-a yearly hold biggest Russian interior exhibition. Due to the […]

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